Thursday, July 5, 2007

Sweet home Chicago...

Ok friends,

So, a lot has changed over the past few weeks. Jake and I were supposed to leave yesterday for Asia. Long story short a couple weeks ago we decided that it just wasn't the best idea. So after a lot of stress and not really knowing what we were going to do next, Jake decided to move to Chicago. He has been here about a week and a half and we are both job searching. We are also moving to the city together and found a place in Lincoln Park which we love and hopefully everything will go through.

Yes, well a lot has changed but I think things are finally settling down. The real problem is trying to find a job. I've been on a couple interviews so far. One looked good but in the end it was in oak brook and I would have to commute which would mean I would need to buy a car, and the salary was less than I could afford.

I will keep everyone updated on the job search and apartment process. Hopefully, we might be moving around the 24th of July!!