Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm a mommy

Ok, not to a child...but a puppy!!! His name is Bruiser, and he was born July 3, 2007. I got him almost 3 weeks ago and we're in love. He is a little 1.5lb yorkie and thinks that he is a big dog. We found him in a little pet store just south of chicago. Even though I had been looking for dogs for a while, it was kind of impulsive and we didn't even have a bed for him. The first week was pretty rough. He woke up maybe 6-7 times a night and had accidents everywhere. But things have calmed down and he now comes with me to work everyday in his vera bradley dog tote. VERY sophisticated. He has a new best friend, Milo, the 6 month old maltese at work. So we are one big happy family.

Work is still great, still love it and love health insurance and paychecks! The only thing that I don't like is the stupid train to and from work everyday. Such a pain, worst transportation system i've ever seen.

Other than that, I lost my phone a couple weeks ago so send me your numbers!!