Monday, August 27, 2007

Apparently I'm really interesting...

Hey Kids,

Ok well apparently if I don't update my blog- it causes people to feel disconnected and god knows I can't have that!

So here's the latest;

I started working for this company called about a month ago. Sittercity is a website that basically sets up parents with babysitters/pet sitters etc. I am the office manager here so I help out with customer service, help the CEO and keep the office in working order. There are about 22 of us and we work in River North in these awesome lofts. Everyone is super nice and the whole atmosphere is relaxed, no dress code etc. I really like it and enjoy the company is constantly growing- so its something that I can only move forward with.

If you're really bored/curious you can check out my 100 things on the sittercity website:

Jake and I have been in the greatest little apt for about a month now. We love it, its 1,000 sq feet, 3 floor brownstone, its great. Jake got a fishtank so that adds ambiance to the living room-and keeps him occupied. We also find out that we can have small dogs in the apt. There is also a teacup maltese at work that has forced me into being obsessed with the idea of a teacup dog. So of course i can't do anything else besides obsess over the idea. I went to pocket puppies last week and will continue to go until I leave with a dog. I found an adorable little yorkie that I wanted.... however it seems as though I can't afford a $2,100 dog just yet...?

I am very excited for the Iowa game this weekend!!! Should be good times, I just hope that I make it home in one piece.

Other than that, I am getting used to the idea of having a permanent job! I am also extremely excited to have actual health insurance beginning the 1st of sept.

Keep me updated on your lives~!!