Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weekend highlights

Well I could not be more depressed that the weekend is over. I did get to spend some quality time with the infamous Ben Phelps, Carrie's brother. And since his flight is delayed, we now get to hang out with him for another night. Ben is epitome of a hot mess.
Weekend Ben quotes:

"No dude seriously this traffic is ABYSMAL"

"Carrie, seriously $240? Thats like one nights bar tab!"
To a girl on the phone: "If you don't answer your phone again...I'm going to throw you down the stairs."
"Well I didn't want to sleep on this couch, so I had to hook up with that chick. Jen- I'm sleeping in your bed tonight."

"Alright, I know I'm gay for saying this but you HAVE to hear that Sarah McLachlan and Pink song from the was fricken' beautiful."

"Well, I took X and then went home with an asian chick with fake boobs."

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Its a sign of the times when...

... an innocent maintenance worker gets trampled and killed by a bunch of crazy Wal-mart shoppers. Are you KIDDING me???

This actually solidifies my theory that people are inherently evil. Well I have no idea, but this story is beyond depressing.

The injuries occurred as the shoppers crammed into the Wal-Mart when the doors opened at 5 a.m. Some 2,000 shoppers were waiting to get inside the store for Black Friday sales. Police said the shoppers knocked the man, Jdimytai Damour, to the ground at 5:03 a.m., three minutes after the store opened.
Kimberly Cribbs, who witnessed the stampede, said shoppers were acting like "savages...When they were saying they had to leave, that an employee got killed, people were yelling 'I've been on line since yesterday morning.' They kept shopping."

Again, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! For a couple bucks off?!? Hey, I'm all about the deals. But for the love of God, running your fat ass over a man dead on the floor to get Kung-Fu Panda for $5, and you don't stop to help?! Even an 8 month pregnant woman was injured (although, at 8 months pregnant, you're lucky if you could get me all the way to the bathroom, let alone Wal-Mart on black friday).

When we were at Target, we all calmly stood in line out front and chatted about coffee and what other deals they were shopping for. When we were let in, everyone calmly walked through the doors and proceeded to the section of their choice. I even resisted the urge to push an annoying eleventeen year old with Guitar Hero III out of my way. People calmly grabbed five 32" flat screen TVs and 423 portable DVD players each, and headed to the checkout. I really think that if I saw someone lying on the ground, I could have forgone my Kodak camera for a couple seconds to help out- even in this struggling economy.

AND lets not forget the two men who shot and killed each other at a Toys-R-Us in California. I mean, what could have possibly gone on to warrant a shooting? "Hey buddy, that's my Leap Frog!" "Oh really? I'll shoot you for it." Awful.

Friday, November 28, 2008

I love shopping...

Happy day after Thanksgiving everyone! I hope that everyone ate more than should be allowed. So I finally made it home Wednesday after nearly a 4 hour trip home. Its a long story, but we did get to check out the lovely Hyde Park.
The first thing that I did when I got home on Wednesday was study the many sale flyers strewn across the kitchen table. After thinking about it for a while, I decided against standing outside of Best Buy at 2am for a new computer. Not worth it. However, I did decide that it was worth it to go to Target at 5:45am for a camera. So my mother and I got up and headed over to Target (sans egg mcmuffin :( ). It actually wasn't that bad, believe it or not! There was a long line outside the store, but we got there only a few minutes before it opened. I headed straight to find the $89 Kodak camera. Yes, this will be perhaps my 5th or 6th camera. I seem to have really bad luck with cameras (even worse than computers). After the Target madhouse we also went to Kohls, Express, DSW etc. I love the deals!! So does the whole family:
Mom got right to work with her new purchase....Dad spent his morning at the luxurious Home Depot and came home to play with his new power drill...

Jay got up bright and early to go... oh no wait, I woke him up at 12:30...
Bruiser stole Amber's bed, forcing her to curl up in his bed. Ha, he is pure evil. The rest of the day I have spent making a soup with the leftover turkey, and watching MTV True Life: I can't Stay Skinny...Don't be jealous!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Black Friday!

Has anyone stood outside of Best Buy on Black Friday at 2am to get the doorbuster deals? Well I have...and looking back I did it for 2 reasons. The first was that I really wanted a lap top for Paris (so this is like Thanksgiving 2004...good god that was long ago). And I also wanted McDonalds breakfast...what? I'm usually never up early enough! So this Toshiba lap top was on sale for like $500.00 and this is 4 years ago, so that was a really good deal. So me and my dad headed over to Best Buy at some ungodly hour to wait in line with the other insane deal seekers. We bundled up and had chairs and even those heat packs. It was not that fun, but I was so focused on this lap top that I somehow survived. I'm sure if you asked my Dad he would have a slightly different version that would include me sitting in the warm car the entire time while he stood in the snow. But nay, I was out there nibbling (and by nibbling I mean scarfing) down my sausage and egg mcmuffin in the cold.

We busted out of there a few hours later with a couple computer monitors, a video camera (which I believe my parents just recently tried to use- come to find out it was broken). And I did get my lap top which lasted a couple years, it treated me well and travelled around Europe with me. The fan on it finally broken making it unbelievably slow. So, I got another one a year and a half ago. This top of the line (and by top of the line, I mean cheapest) Acer computer has not always been the greatest friend to me, and I cannot download one more picture because the hard drive is apparently full. I have been through 2 power cords. The first one Bruiser chewed through, and it kept working for a couple months using some electrical tape and strategic positioning. The second one was ordered off eBay and was so cheap that it just fell apart one day. I am currently on my third power cord, and last thread of patience. As my roommates can attest to, simply hopping on the computer to map quest something is a good 15 minute process.

Long story short, I need a new computer. So I am currently debating whether or not any of these lap top deals at Best Buy are worth it. Last year we did a drive by at like 10:30 at night, and there were ALREADY PEOPLE LINED UP!! It was actually insane.

So if anyone else has no life, and wants to wake up from their turkey coma at 1am to go stand outside of Best Buy on Randall Rd...uh let me know.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Heidi Pratt...

Welp. Apparently these two classy people eloped in Mexico on Nov. 20th. And LUCKILY Spencer kept that handsome crotch hair beard for the pictures! There were no parents there, but somehow Us Weekly was able to get exclusive rights... I mean, that's true love- No family, just the press around. Apparently the whole ceremony cost $4,150 plus tax. (I love how they added the "plus tax" in there). Her dress was really flowy...meaning I bet one crisp dollar bill on the fact that she's pregnant. Head over to ONTD for close ups. Ugh. What a way to ruin a Monday.

Better makeup artist?

*No real spoilers
So I finally saw Twilight Saturday night. And it was pretty much exactly what I had expected. It followed the story line as well as it could, and I even thought that the casting was right on. Certain scenes that were hard to picture while reading the book, did look sort of cheesy on the screen- but I knew that was coming. The only other thing that annoyed me was the makeup job, especially on Carlisle. A little too much white powder. Other than that, the soundtrack was actually pretty good and Robert Pattinson was kind of hot. I am still working my way through the fourth book. What am I going to post about once I'm finally finished with these?!

Friday, November 21, 2008

If you're looking for real love...

Check out this little gem of an online dating site. If you haven't had luck with Match or eHarmony, this one is sure to prevail! Head on over to Meet-an-Inmate, and start searching!
I've already found a few pen pals!:

*I like Johnathan (yes, that's how he spells it) because it seems like he spent some decent time photoshopping his picture to include "clocks" aka "doin' time" into his picture.

*I like Dave because he looks like an overweight Jesus.

*Diego is wonderful because he is a "Spanish man with blue eyes".

* Ankhuser just seems so handsome and educated because "During my incarceration, I have taught myself to speak, read and write Kiswahili and also I have taught myself T'ai C'hi, Yoga and also how to read, write and play music."

*Merle is just a sweeheart because he "met 5 U.S. presidents, but it was nothing compared to the day I met Jesus Christ." Awwww..

*And last but not least, I love Robert because he looks so sexy in those shorts and he's honest and eloquent: "I'm a convicted Bank Robber seven times over. I'll probably never see the light of day again in this lifetime, for all intent and purposes. I'm what many may consider as a personified poster child for bad guys. And so it goes...I'm not everybody's cup of tea."


Amazon FINALLY delivered this on Wednesday, so I finished it last night. It was pretty good, I'm now into the fourth and final book. I will be glad when this is all over, and I go back to focusing on reality TV and eating. Going to see Twilight Saturday night!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This is why I LOVE Intervention

Sometimes I wonder why I watch so much reality TV. Actually no I don't, I know EXACTLY why I watch so much- its hilarious and sometimes disturbing. For instance, this little video below gave me, Michael and Bethany a whole week of discussions and impersonations. This season of Intervention hasn't been that great, except for this little nugget. Its actually really disturbing, but once you get past that its hilarious. And I will never look at compressed air in the same way ever again.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

And so it begins...

Well apparently the Twilight premieres have begun and will hit theaters here Friday. This hot mess needs to first concentrate on getting some of that prescription strength Degree, and then focus on her classy tat. Apparently some creepy fans even went as far as to scratch their necks and then claim to Robert Pattinson "I DID IT FOR YOU!!" Alright I admit, I'm half addicted to the damn series. And so what if I entered in a couple contests for pre-screenings. And if Amazon had their shit together, I would be reading the 3rd book as we speak. I am also trying to figure when I'm going to the movie (and who I can force to go with me). Get excited!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Jeremy Roloff is a GOD

If you don't watch as much TLC as I do, you need to watch this commercial. It only confirms my deep love for Jeremy Roloff, one of the twins on Little People Big World. Yes, we did DVR "Half Ton Mom" and "Half Ton Dad". (Note to self- GREAT diet idea to watch those shows while eating). And yes, every time that commercial came on, we would watch the Jeremy Roloff part over and over. Fast forward to 1:00 and enjoy!

Weekend shit show

I should have just stayed in the whole weekend and have been productive, like workout and/or clean something. But no. I was not.

Friday night Eileen and I were sitting around playing with Snapfish. When we decided to go out and meet up with her boyfriend and his friends. Needless to say, the night ended up with me shoving mac and cheese pizza down my throat at 1:30am. And it was DELICIOUS!

Saturday we planned a little girls night, just for the heck of it. There was some catching up, trying on Jaime's engagement ring, Homemade Pizzas, playing some card game that I was AWFUL at and then a delightful little dance party. This really just consisted of us stomping around in our heels, Eileen carrying/swinging Bruiser around and everyone arguing over which song to play next. We then headed to Casey Moran's and no one really remembers what exactly we did there and how we got home. After piecing timing together the next morning, it turns out that Eileen must have spent a good hour asleep in my bed spooning Bruiser.

Overall, it was a great little weekend!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm productive

I discovered Picnik and now I'm obsessed. See what I did with my Friday?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Two down two to go...

So I finished New Moon a couple days ago already. Now I am patiently waiting on Amazon to deliver the last 2 books in the series! I am also trying to get my roommates into the series as well (its not working). I'm trying to justify my dorkiness. And I'm also sort of sad that I didn't know about the whole Robert Pattinson at Hot Topic in Orland Park thing. Ok, I probably wouldn't have gone...but I would have at least thought about it.

And I'm putting it out there that I totally have a girl crush on Kristen Stewart. I loved her ever since "In the Land of Women" partly because she was a fantastic actress and partly because she was so skinny that I wanted to be her. She reminds me of Evan Rachel Wood (pre Marilyn Manson era) who I also love.

This picture is incredible!

Oh. My. God. This is Disturbing

Well like most people, I am TERRIFIED of AIDS. Who isn't? I constantly think that I'll get AIDS by laying in the tanning bed, or walking barefoot. What? It could happen? This story is actually ridiculous, and I'm never going out again.

2 Dutch men guilty of injecting 14 with HIV
All victims tested positive after being drugged, assaulted at a sex party.
AMSTERDAM, Netherlands - A Dutch court convicted two men Wednesday for attempting to infect 14 victims with HIV in a bizarre sex case.
The Groningen District Court found the two guilty of severe assault for injecting semiconscious men with HIV-infected blood at sex parties between January 2006 and May 2007.
Peter M., 49, who was also convicted of rape, was sentenced to nine years in prison and Hans J., 39, received a five-year sentence.
Prosecutors said they would appeal for higher sentences. (Uhhm REALLY? only 9 years?!?)

"By committing these acts, (Peter M.) has shown himself to have a serious lack of respect for the rights of others," the three-judge panel's written ruling said. "While he knew from his own experience what far-reaching consequences are tied to an infection with HIV, he repeatedly attempted to bring this same hurt to others."

Prosecutors had argued that the two men, along with a third who was acquitted of major charges, had drugged the 14 victims and intentionally infected them.
But in Wednesday's ruling, judges said while the victims all had HIV, it could not be proven that they were infected by the injections because they willingly took part in orgies where gay men had unprotected sex.

The judges also said allegations the victims were given GHB, known as a "date rape" drug, were also unproven.

The suspects were not charged with attempted murder since Dutch courts have held that HIV is a chronic illness rather than an inevitably fatal one.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gem Sweater!

A little video me and Michael like to watch on rainy days:


Real Housewives of Trash

Well it happened again. I swore up and down that I was not going to get into the Real Housewives of Atlanta...and yet here I am googling Kim and her "Big Poppa". So Real Housewives of Atlanta follows five ladies in Atlanta and their "glamorous" lifestyles. Basically, there is one NFL wife (Lisa), one NBA wife (DeShawn), one divorced tranny wannabe fashion designer (Sheree), one finger waving drama starter (Nene), and one gold digging wannabe country music star (Kim). So we have all the key elements of a fantastic show!

There is of course a lot of drama, and they are all awful. The only one that I sometimes enjoy is Kim. Kim just turned "30" although she looks and sounds like a 55 year old. Kim is an aspiring country singer... And I can't find a clip of her in the studio singing. Its priceless! She is dating a "celebrity" who wishes to remain anonymous so they call him "Big Poppa." So of course, I need to know who this lucky man is. Sources are saying that it is Quincy Jones...who I'm pretty sure is maybe 95 years old.

A vision in pink.

Overall, the show is definitely not as good as Orange County or New York. However, I will still watch it when I have nothing better to do.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So this past weekend I headed back to the homeland for my cousin Yola's wedding. We flew in Friday and immediately went for dinner at Swiss Chalet. Swiss Chalet is basically a casual family dining restaurant that specializes in roasted chicken. I go for the gravy. Yes that's right- more fries and gravy.

Saturday morning my Dad and I ran a couple errands and then got food at San Franos. Now, San Franos is a little hole in the wall that my Dad loves, but his cholesterol doesn't need. I decided to go the healty route and have more poutine. Then it was off to the wedding!

The wedding took place in Hamilton at a Polish Catholic church. It was a really cute church and the ceremony wasn't too long (you know those Catholics!) Afterwards we went to a classy bar called the Honest Lawyer to kill time before the reception. The reception took place at a renovated train station and was awesome. There was another (larger) wedding going on in another room. So, in true K fashion we ended up trying to sabotage them by the end of the night. And by sabotage I mean we wrote in their guest book and drank from their open bar. What? We're rebels! The speeches were great and my cousin's band played. I colored with my little cousin Evan (he did not like my artistic talent).

Monday, November 10, 2008


Well I caved. After months of hearing about Twilight and Robert Pattinson's magical hair, I finally read the damn book. Now, in my defense the airport bookstore didn't have a great selection so it was either Nights in Rodanthe or this. I try to resist reading books that have become too popular, which is why I have yet to read any of the Harry Potters.
Anyway if you are just as in the dark as I was- Twilight is basically a love story between a teenage girl and a hot vampire. The whole vampire thing isn't portrayed as dumb and cheesy like I had thought it would be. Well much to my dismay... I am now OBSESSED. GREAT. Now I have to walk my fat ass all the way to Borders at lunch to buy the second book in the series. I literally read Twilight within a couple of hours while travelling this weekend. And now I need to find a couple other losers like me to go see the movie coming out the 21st.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Bucket Lists

So I was reading a blog that got me thinking about Bucket Lists. I am one of those people that would rather do things like ASAP rather than "before I die." I do not want to be travelling around the world when I'm too damn old to enjoy anything. And if I sit down and think about it, I have actually done a lot for a 24 year old.

Things I have done:

1) Gone skydiving (over the Swiss Alps- it doesn't get much better)
2) Got PADI certified (In Turks and Caicos)
3) Backpacked around most of Europe
4) Saw the paleolithic cave drawings in Lascaux
5) Lived in a foreign country
6) Learned another language
7) Crawled up the "Holy Stairs" on my knees in Rome
8) Been inside some of the most famous cathedrals in the world
9) Posed in a phone booth in London
10) Went white water rafting
11) Skied in Colorado
12) Been horseback riding
13) Seen a space shuttle take off
14) Been to Disneyland, Disney World and Euro Disney
15) Taken a train ride to the East coast (never again)
16) Overcome fears (heights would have been one of those)
17) Bottled Holy Water in Lourdes
18) Eaten at the Jules Verne in the Eiffel Tower
19) Waited 3 hours to see Pope John Paul's tomb in the Vatican
20) Taken pictures of The David, the Creation of Adam and many other things that you weren't supposed to take pictures of.
21) Celebrated my 21st bday in Nice
22) Went through the catacombs in Paris
23) Been to a strip club in Cedar Rapids (classy)
24) Spent $31 on 2 coca colas in Paris
25) Saw a naked old man in Ibiza
26) Worked with kids with disabilities
27) Got a puppy!

Ok of course I've done a million more things, I just can't think of them right now. It doesn't hurt to remember what you have done while always planning what you will do.

Things I HAVE to do:

1) Backpack through Thailand (I'm obsessed)
2) Train through India
3) Pay my parents back for everything they've given me (see, I'm not entirely evil)
4) Learn how to snowboard (I have a snowboard and boots- just haven't gone yet)
5) Learn more languages
6) Get actively involved in a philanthropy
7) Go mountain climbing
8) Volunteer at an AIDS clinic in Africa
9) Oktoberfest in Germany
10) Do something completely different for New Years (Note: I HATE New Years and can't wait until I can avoid paying $100 to go to an annoying club)
11) Lose weight
12) I would like to try fasting for 48 hours (there is NO way I could make it)
13) See the pyramids
14) Be able to meditate
15) Meditate in the Taj Mahal
16) Ride an elephant (ever since I saw Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom)
17) Go to Tibet
18) Machu Picchu
19) Live with barely any possessions for as long as I can (I give it an hour)
20) Go to NYC
21) Get a job at a pub in Ireland or Scotland
22) Learn how to surf (I would be terrible)
23) Save someones life
24) Run a half marathon
25) Be in a movie (And no, this doesn't count)
26) Meet someone new each day
27) Get a tattoo in Thailand (I know, I'm weird)
28) Have kids (eventually)
29) Be him
30) Eat something bizarre in Marrakesh
31) Help the environment

Ok, I could go on for days, but I have a wedding to get to in Canada this weekend!

Whats on your bucket list?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Facebook TMI

I. LOVE. FACEBOOK. It is hilarious. My favorite thing is seeing how much information people put up about themselves. I'm all for sharing WAY too much info, but it'll eventually bite you in the ass. Although, with the recent election I almost couldn't handle everyone's annoying status updates. Even if I could vote, but didn't want to- you telling me via Facebook status to vote wouldn't exactly motivate me to do it.

The real exciting updates is the "relationship status." God forbid you have a breakup, the entire world knows ASAP. And you can totally tell who changed their Facebook relationship status first. And then there are those people (my favorite) who give you their whole breakup story in their "about me" section. I LIVE for this stuff, not only do I now know that you broke up, but I get the details as well. I guess the story gets to a wider audience so you don't have to re tell the story a million times, but then random people like me get all the gory deets.
However, my big pet peeve about Facebook are those stupid applications. Michael (because he's elderly and has no life) is usually sending me something about keeping the environment green. I will not add those to my profile, they make my immaculate and witty profile look cheap. And I'm not the only one who hates them. There are multiple groups dedicated to hating these applications.
There is a Facebook group titled "No, I'm not going to accept your Application invitation. Fuck you." They have a list of reasons why not to accept application invites which I find thoroughly amusing!
1. No, retard, your "Save Darfur" cause isn't going to do SHIT for that country. Grow up.
2. Bitch, I don't want to know what movies you want to see, I still haven't seen The Departed.
3. Fortune,ya...i'm s000 hxc azn.
4. Why the HELL would I want the option for someone to "Spank" me? Like...why?
5. Again, I really don't care what music you like, I already read that in your profile, fuckin' emo.
6. While we're on the subject, why do I want to see which applications ppl uploaded in Newsfeed?!
7. Traxor? Are you kidding me? Like I want ppl to know I've seen their profile, much less the creepers that look at mine 10x a day? Ignorance is bliss.
8. Yes, that's EXACTLY what I want: a Top Friends application. I liked MySpace so much that I wanted to make my facebook exactly the same. Imma change my profile pic to Tom.
9. Food Fight? Spend your daily lunch money to throw food at ur friends? This is like Warcraft for 3 year olds. It's honestly sad, it isn't funny.
10. (fluff)Friends. Seriously. If you really have a Tamagotchi on your fucking facebook, you need to go out and meet people.
11. Last time I checked, I WASN'T bitten by a vampire OR a werewolf OR a zombie. So stop lying to me.
12. Honestly pirates are awesome, but your facebook doesn't make you a pirate, quit being a douche.
13. Greek Family Tree. Because frats and sororities weren't annoying enough, now they invade my happy little facebook world.
14. Poo Fight. Enough said.
15. Are You Normal? Um...are you serious?
16. Date of Death Calculator. Lemme guess, if I don't join some little girl with no eyes will come kill me in my sleep. Well, I got somethin' for her ass...
17. Reputation. Here's a hint: YOU'RE A LOSER!
18. My Music: Fucker, it's called "my" as in YOUR music for a reason. Let's keep it that way.
19. Perfect Match: My perfect match is a chick who swallows and doesn't talk. I don't need this application, thanks.
20. What Color Are You? I'm white, bitch, thanks. Although from time to time I feel very black. Tell me something I don't know.
21. What City Should You Live In? Whatever the capital of Antarctica is, THAT'S where you should go.
22. Sneakers. They aren't even REAL, get a job or something dumbass.
23. How Old Are You? i don't know about you but i dont need a facebook application to tell me how the fuck old i am
24. What Type of Person Do You Attract?: Creepy gay dudes on MySpace that try and convince me that getting dome from a dude is "so much better than a chick", thanks for reminding me.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I have officially lived in the United States for 12 years now. This means that I spent exactly half my life in Canada, and the other half here in the US. Most people are generally confused when I tell them, and most of my friends actually forget that I am Canadian. I've already received a few people today asking me who I voted for.
Being a Canadian living in the US means that I have a Canadian passport, an American "green card" and I cannot vote in the US. No I am not an "illegal immigrant" but I do have a green card with maybe one of the most hideous pictures of all time. I guess I could vote in the Canadian election, but I really have no idea whats going on politically over there.
The past few elections that I have been here for really didn't interest me. I have only been of age for the last election and this one. And then I look at it in the sense of whats the point? I live in Illinois, the entire state is obsessed with Obama. Pretend for a second that I actually wanted to vote for McCain, it really wouldn't matter.
I try to stay out of all political arguments because I (and most people I think) don't know exactly what the views are and even what their own opinions are. I don't think people educate themselves enough on the subject and make decisions based on the snippets of information they take in. That's just how it is these days.
I let the superficial, and trivial things affect my opinion. For instance, I can't listen to McCain's ideas because I'm too busy staring at his excessive blinking and not being able to lift his arms up. I can't listen to Palin because...I mean that accent is beyond awful. Get rid of that shit! Obama's deep voice usually just calms me into a trance. And I actually have NO idea what Biden even looks like. (What? No one does!)
Anyway today is a very exciting day, expecially around here! I am excited to see what's going to happen and glad that I'm in Chicago for it!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Well, tragedy has struck. Deanna Pappas and Jesse Csincsak have broken up. I am devastated. I was hoping they would drag this thing out until they at least got married and then ended it with some scandalous affair. Remember the time she picked Jesse over that cute nugget Jason? And then me and my roommates found his work number and called it? And then I was recruited to apply for The Bachelor starring Jason? And then I didn't apply because I got lazy and wasn't ready to see my bod on TV. Filming for the new season should have already started, can't wait to watch what "could have been". jk. sort of.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

"Shutting it down"

So Halloween, even though I usually hate it was a lot of fun this year! If you haven't figured it out yet, I was Rachel Zoe. And I do think that I somehow managed to pull it off. The pictures will speak for themselves.