Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I want to be on the "D" list!

I've always been obsessed with Kathy Griffin. She's hilarious, however, i'm pretty sure that she stole my life. I would love nothing more than to make fun of celebrities and have my entire existence to be a joke. I was super bummed last year when I heard about her divorce with Matt. I really thought that they were good together. But I am glad that she's doing alright and is still hilarious.

Also, I just saw the movie Apocalypto. ... ... right so i'm a little rusty on my Mayan history and I'm still not really even sure what exactly went on but I know it was violent and also a comedy? I enjoyed the part where the main prisoner guy bashes his assailant in the head with a club and left his head squirting blood in waves out of his head. It was a little excessive and dramatic...and therefore funny. This main guy went through: almost getting beheaded but is saved by the lunar eclipse, then gets an arrow through the abdomen while trying to escape, outruns a jaguar, jumps off a waterfall just missing the jagged rocks underneath, almost drowns in quicksand but pulls himself out, then gets another arrow in the chest.... Meanwhile his poor wife is stuck in a deep hole with their child while the rain is quickly flooding the hole...and she GIVES BIRTH balancing on a rock with her son on her shoulders. Ok so I thought I had bad days. You should see it. good times.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Sushi Worm

So I'm in Rochester visiting Jake. So the first night I was here, Jake wanted to go to some BBQ place for dinner, I on the other hand demanded sushi. So we go to this place that Jake likes because it once offered all you can eat sushi. I was immediately concerned with the fact that I didn't see one asian working at the sushi restaurant. So we ordered this big plate of sushi and I was starving to death. So it comes and we eat a few pieces the I begin to examine this one piece of sashimi. It was like yellow tail or red snapper or something, so a lighter colored fish. There was this translucent small white thing on top of this piece of sashimi. After staring at it for 5 minutes I noticed that it was MOVING. So NOT normal. I made jake look at it so I wasn't the only crazy person in the room. It was bizarre...and disgusting. So that was the end of the sushi and i'm pretty sure the waitress thought that we were insane. But at least I dont need to eat sushi for a while. Anyways, good story.