Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Snipits from my life this summer since I've basically been MIA. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this wasn't my best summer. I know, Debbie Downer over here, but things have definitely turned around over the past couple weeks so fall is looking to be awesome!

-If you haven't heard- summer barely made it to Chicago

-BUT I did manage to make it to the beach twice this weekend to make up for not going earlier this summer

-Work has been pretty busy for the past few months which is good

-I'm extremely happy that Flipping out and Rachel Zoe are back on! And coming up Sept. 20th Curb Your Enthusiasm starts new episodes.

-I attempted to train for this Urbanathalon coming up in October but my stress fractures are back and I'm basically an old woman.

-The pepaw and I broke up a couple months ago

-BUT I am seeing someone new and its going great! (More updates on this situation at a later date ;)

-I had to put my childhood puppy, Tori, down :( I plan on writing a sappy post but I can't talk about it yet without losing my shit.

-BUT Bruiser is on top of his game pooping everywhere. Although, he did swim for the very first time a few weeks ago which was exciting.

-I'm going to see Britney in concert tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I owe Eileen my life for this one.

-I will be heading to NYC late October for a conference and hopefully meeting up with a few friends while I'm out there. I've never been (I know) so it should be exciting.

-Summer Heights High is hilarious. I posted this video a while back and I now have it memorized. We've been going through You Tube videos of Jonah and I'm now obsessed. SORRY HOMO.

More to come later...

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