Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I want to be on the "D" list!

I've always been obsessed with Kathy Griffin. She's hilarious, however, i'm pretty sure that she stole my life. I would love nothing more than to make fun of celebrities and have my entire existence to be a joke. I was super bummed last year when I heard about her divorce with Matt. I really thought that they were good together. But I am glad that she's doing alright and is still hilarious.

Also, I just saw the movie Apocalypto. ... ... right so i'm a little rusty on my Mayan history and I'm still not really even sure what exactly went on but I know it was violent and also a comedy? I enjoyed the part where the main prisoner guy bashes his assailant in the head with a club and left his head squirting blood in waves out of his head. It was a little excessive and dramatic...and therefore funny. This main guy went through: almost getting beheaded but is saved by the lunar eclipse, then gets an arrow through the abdomen while trying to escape, outruns a jaguar, jumps off a waterfall just missing the jagged rocks underneath, almost drowns in quicksand but pulls himself out, then gets another arrow in the chest.... Meanwhile his poor wife is stuck in a deep hole with their child while the rain is quickly flooding the hole...and she GIVES BIRTH balancing on a rock with her son on her shoulders. Ok so I thought I had bad days. You should see it. good times.


Monty said...

Okay so how in the world I ever ended up on this godforsaken website - we shall never know. But Krasky just wanted to explain my utmost love for the Kathy Griff as well - sweet baby jesus the woman is a genius. Oh and did I mention I saw her live and pooped my pants twice from laughing so hard. I miss you Krasky and it appears as if your wee little life is going pretty swimmingly. Someday we shall meet again - you are always welcome in Montucky.

monty (kirsten j. anderslut)

Anonymous said...


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