Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tough day

Last night while trying to get roughly 10 hours of sleep I was disrupted by my little beast. He found it necessary to gnaw on his bone as loudly as possible. And then when that got boring he wanted to play catch with himself. Cut to 12am when Carrie gets home from a business trip and he practically scratched the door down to see her, and play. 
Then this morning while trying to take him out to pee, he managed to escape my grip 3 times and run away. I think he sensed that it was raining and decided that he would not be forced to pee under those conditions.
Well luckily he kept Carrie company while she worked from home today and was actively doing this:And this:No no, go ahead Bruise, you rest up and take it easy.

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michael said...

"I wanna eat the baby ... ?