Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Citizenship day everyone!

Yeah, I know- its ironic. In light of Citizenship day, I need to have a GT's Raw Organic Kombucha (completely unrelated). For those of you who do not know what that is, Kombucha is a tea that is basically fermented. The end result, at least with GT's is an effervescent drink flavored with real fruit juice and ands up with a hint of vinegar taste and "cultures" floating around. It may not sound appetizing, but you get used to that taste and it ends up being slightly addictive.

Basically, "Kombucha has an “adaptogenic” ability that gives it a reputation for its widespread health properties. Its adaptogen effect is seen mostly through its influence on the liver, the blood and the digestive system, where it normalizes the acidity or pH. Metabolic balancing and detoxification is perhaps the most important function of Kombucha."

It isn't Pasteurized, Sugary or overly sweet, Caffeinated, Artificial, Filled with preservatives.

I love it, and I know a few people here at the office are addicted as well.

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ANG* said...

i'm sorta scared of this stuff. all those floaties. i dunnooooo...maybe i should just try one?