Friday, September 19, 2008


So... Remember that time that i dressed as a pirate every tuesday for a year? Yeah, i know... i try not to remember as well. That was when i gave up any ounce of dignity that i had. I totally remember the day like it was last week.

Let me set the general scene. First came Monday night where we had "pirate set up" which I actually hated more than wearing an eye patch. I do not enjoy manual labor. Thank god I was usually drunk because mondays were vegas night and I was in the show (story for another day).
Then it was mandatory that we go to the pirate show and act like a pirate with the "yaaarrr" and all that. I was usually plotting how I could have Tom see me, then run away and hide somewhere.

I always think its hilarious that people like pirates so much. Its weird? I mean you like them enough to make a "national" day out of it. I enjoy Pirate Booty...thats about it. And believe it or not, the way that we dressed up was not "pirate" enough. No no, we were "hollywood pirates". Whatever that means. Excuse me, if you are going to make me wear a pirate costume every Tuesday, I WILL try and at least look half cute in doing so.

Oh and I forgot to mention that we then had the mandatory pirate break down? Yeah thats right, I would go straight for the baskets and bottles and shit so that I would have to carry anything heavy.

Ahhhhh the memories. Gotta love it... Yar.

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