Monday, May 25, 2009

The awkward drama continues

So, like many people, I have been ADDICTED to the Jon & Kate Gosselin drama! I live for this shit. Who knows how I first started watching the show- its not "DVR" material but I'll watch it periodically when its on. I, unfortunately, got suckered into watching the entire marathon alll day today. And then I watched the season premiere and it was everything that I had dreamed of- a sufficiently awkward pissing match. Who loves the kids more, who is around more, blah blah. While I LOVED the fact that they were both (well more Kate, but whatevs) open about everything that was going on it- it was really sad. Why would you tell the whole world your husband's issues? And Jon was basically acting like the little kid that got caught stealing candy, and now hates everyone for getting caught.
I basically think that Kate is half evil- however she's honest about that side of her and I give kadooze to that. I also acknowledge the fact that if I had 8 kids- I would be bat shit crazy AND evil. I always felt bad for Jon, she is mean to him and he lets her get away with it. In the end, I actually don't think that he technically "cheated" on her. I'm sure he was hanging out with that ugly chick, and debated hooking up with her, but didn't. These are my educated assumptions. 
What I also can't get over is how famous they've gotten! How did this even happen? I JUST saw a commercial for like an E! special about "Jon and Kate, Twisted Fate"...
Anyways, I have 783456 shows that recorded tonight that I have to get through.


Bayjb said...

Last night's show was really sad. coming from a divorced family, I caught a lot of things that I could relate too. It was tough to watch in parts, but I still hate her. All I heard was whining about having to do it alone. Ugh. Shut up.

Taryn said...

It is super sad. I have a feeling they are going to drag this one out for a long time in the public eye. I feel for their kids.