Monday, May 4, 2009

I know, I'm the worst

I've been really MIA and my only explanation for this is that I've sort of been busy. Even though I've been moving for perhaps 3 weeks straight, I'm still not 100% organized. And I've had help.
A couple weeks ago it was decided that my room had to be painted a different color, as the glossy ugly blue was just too dark. So that entailed a trip to the Home Depot (my nightmare) and me blindly picking out colors in the sea foam color palate. I then needed primer (whatever that is) and certain brushes, tape, etc. Who knows that I bought but I left there $90 poorer and completely clueless. In the end I was banned from actually painting even the primer, as well as the paint (although I was allowed to paint the inside of the closet white).
Since then I have been moving my stuff in slowly but surely. My room is a lot smaller, but taking off the closet floor and installing a curtain rod, made everything fit. I thank Wendy for watching her fair share of HGTV.
I tried a cleanse one week. That lasted a couple days, and then I was over it.
Then 2 weekends ago, the boyfriend (aka Pepaw) turned...old... We had a delightful dinner at Le Colonial.
I then turned 25 last Wednesday. Went out to a delicious dinner at Capital Grille. I've been eating out for like the past month straight, and I now feel morbidly obese. So this week begins emaciation.
Throw in a costume party, a bridal shower, a cubs game in 3rd row seats, being sans internet and tv for the past week (I cannot handle it) and there you have my absence explained!


Taryn said...

I am as clueless as you when it comes to painting. But, I have painted schools before- and it sucks. so maybe you are lucky you didn't get to paint your sea foam number on the wall.

Pepaw said...

Really, you call me Pepaw on your blog? :D