Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I can die happy

The Real Housewives Reunion Part #1 was amazing. Where do I begin? God I love Andy Cohen for hitting every single media rumor that had been out there. First of all, I actually didn't hate LuAnn for once. She actually responded to the divorce questions and even went into it a little bit. Bethenny is hilarious as always- she can do no wrong. Jill also gets kadooze for calling out Ramona in her web of lies. Ramona gets the silver medal in the "Bat Shit Crazy" awards and I'm fairly sure that she has tourettes. Alex needs to never laugh again because I can't handle that awkward inhaling "laugh." But thank God they finally created their "Silex" shirts! I cannot wait to get one...
 And then we come to Kelly. Its no secret that EVERYONE HATES HER. I despised this one since the moment she first opened her giant bottom jawed mouth and crazy gibberish came out. This reunion show was no different. She did not directly answer the question about her abuse scandal, but she did tell some long winded story about NOTHING and I'm not quite sure it was even English. And I did re watch (maybe 7 times) the part when she said "The grass isn't always matter how much fertilizer you have." WTF? I hate her. What an idiot. 

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