Thursday, April 9, 2009

The latest happenings

  • I've decided to quit my gym. We all know how much I hate that place and ever since the last incident there, I've managed to hate that place even more. I just don't feel like dropping another $650 for the year on a place that I actually loathe- its a recession people. Since they can't seem to get rid of the masses of people, the douche bags and the severely anorexic girl- I'm over Xsport forever. I have decided instead that I will go back to basics and run outside, and eat healthy. We'll see how long this idea lasts.
  • In addition to quitting my gym, I am also quitting The Hills. I am permanently going to remove it from my DVR. I have officially had it with Spencer's greasy Care Bear face, Heidi's horse head and awkwardness, and Lauren being boring. To accommodate the space on my DVR, I will be recording Real Housewives of New Jersey. I had plans to boycott this show because I despise all things Jersey. BUT I tried that last time with Real Housewives of Atlanta, and I couldn't resist the trash. And RHNJ is way more incestuous which intrigues me, half of them are related somehow.
  • Move update! So remember that post about how stressed I was to find a new place to live for May? Well I think it might have been that same day that we found a place! We were coming back from looking at one place in Lincoln Park when Carrie made several wrong turns. I think she may have been drunk, but that's neither here nor there. Luckily, for her drunk driving, we ended up going down our alley a different way. I saw a "For Rent" sign on the door that was listing a 2 bedroom. I called and the guy was in the apt, finishing up the entire new kitchen and bathroom. We LOVED it immediately. It was cheaper than we're each paying now, it allowed dogs, AND the kicker is that its literally 20ft from where we live now. Oh and we get the keys this weekend, a couple weeks ahead of our lease so we can start moving in. The only issue is that one bedroom has an obscenely small closet. So we now need to figure out some kind of pricing schematic, and then "draw straws" or flip a coin, who knows. Battle to the death.
  • I love Carey Hart. Ever since his little tattoo show, Inked- I've loved him. He was on Chelsea Lately last night and it reminded me about our deep love. I thought that there was hope when him and Pink broke up (even though she would probably cut a bitch who gets near him) but they're "working things out" apparently.
  • My one normal pair of sunglasses have managed to piss me off. They're too big to stay on my deformed head/face. So today I was so fed up that I decided to wear this pair from my Halloween costume as Rachel Zoe. I told myself that they're trendy, and sashayed out of my apartment with elegance. Cut to five minutes later when there is a girl BLATANTLY staring at my glasses and laughing at me. Not kidding. I slyly took them off, acting as though the sun glaring into my eyes wasn't bothering me. What a loser.
  • UGH I just spilled coffee in my lap. That's my cue.

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Taryn said...

I love the bit about the glasses- those are some huge glasses . . .