Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oh. Thanks for that.

So I finally decided to grace the gym with my presence since I can't actually remember the last time I went there. I arrived to the chaos and quickly remembered why it is that I don't like going. I happened to be wearing the Chicago Sport and Social club t-shirt that I got somewhere for free. So while I'm trying to mount the elliptical and juggle my water, towel and iPod- one of the trainers came up to me and start a conversation about my shirt.
"Soooo what is the Sport and Social club?"
Ugh. I do not have time for this. "Oh, I have no idea- I got the shirt for free"
"Ohhh haha well I was really curious, it sounds cool"
"Yeah...welp I'm sure it is..."
"Well I'm [insert generic boy name] let me know if you ever find out."
mmmkkk. Great conversation about nothing. Good day to you.

18 minutes later, I decide that I've had enough of the elliptical and the gym. Let's be realistic, the only reason I went to the gym was to go tanning as I look like prune. I do a handful of situps and head into the locker room to grab my stuff. While walking up to the desk, I see Brian/John/Mike whatever his name was staring at me with his hands up and a fake confused look.
"What? That was like the SHORTEST workout ever!"
I debated telling him my whole life story as my excuse- how I haven't worked out in a couple months because I spend much of my free time with my new boyfriend and how I had just gotten over what could possibly have been the black lung disease last week and how work has been pretty busy and how I'm in the pre-spring funk etc.
But instead I just said: "Ha yeah, I'm over it...I have to go tanning"
He laughs and gestures towards me while getting this other trainer's attention,
"Sara, she just did like the shortest workout of all time"
Sara replies with "Haha well tanning is important!"
I awkwardly laugh and agree.
Sir. How dare you call attention to my obvious lack of self motivation. I see nothing wrong with an 18 minute "workout." Rude.


Taryn said...

ooo- looks like you have a secret (or not so secret) admirer! It's like back in elementary school, when boys believed that insulting girls (you have cooties!) would make them fail in love! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

new boyfriend?!?! tell us more!

michael said...

Okay, oblivious, lemme break it down for you: the trainer was hitting on you. And, as he is a trainer, he has a hot body that you strive to see naked.

I recommend taking B-RAD there and let this dude train him - once they both has equally ravishing bodies, they may hump you together.

Just an idea.