Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mini's Over It

Don't you love his new summer haircut? He enjoys it, minus the fact that some kind of bug has bit him all over his neck. So he's been itching non stop for a couple weeks. Tomorrow, its back to the vet for the second time. There's nothing I like more than throwing money to the wind!

I think I have a nickname problem. Its always been a family joke that I have a million nicknames for pets and sometimes people. I have NO reasoning behind half of the names. Poor Bruiser barely knows his actual name because of this. I fear for my future children. So far these are a handful of names that I have called Bruiser:

-Meaty Mouf (he used to eat wet food and got it all over his whiskers)
-Mini Man/Mr. Man, which is basically Mini to Min, which turned into Da Mini and Das Mini...?
-Chicken (Eileen calls him that)
-Kitten (Carrie calls him that)
-Mister Peepers
-Nugget, to Nuggs
-Love Lamb
-Fu Manchu (he has one)
-Sniggity (he had snaggle teeth for a bit)
-Mr. Halitosis (self explanatory)
-Sweet Man
-Baby Face Jackson (Michael may have started this one)

I can't even remember all of the ridiculous nicknames he's had. I know...its a serious problem.


mykul said...

I think it was 'Puppy Face Jackson'

Rachtheprincess said...

Mr. Chompers