Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Random thoughts...

So these are the things that I've been thinking about lately.

I hate it when people laugh, while they're saying something not funny. Not like tell a joke and laugh at themselves. I'm talking about those who are like:
"Well the tooohoohoootal bill comes tooohoohooho twenty fihihive sixty sevenneh" chuckling all the while. Its weird...I can't get a feel for you if you're doing that. 

So yesterday while I was walking Mini, I saw a Mexican family (mom, dad and maybe 4 year old boy) digging through all of the garbage and recycling bins looking for cans in the alley. I felt awful. I smiled at the dad and then went into my apt to stare out the window at them. I debated what I should do. My immediate reaction was to go through our recycling in the kitchen and bring them out the cans, and also give them like a $20. Then I debated if that would offend them? All I know is if someone offered me $20- I would snatch it and run. The first predicament that I ran into was the fact that we maybe had 3 cans... not very impressive. Secondly, I rarely have $20 on me and I was lucky to find a whopping $4 in my wallet. So then I did nothing. I figured $4 and 3 soda cans weren't exactly on the same level as say, an Extreme Home Makeover...but at least I had thought about it. 

Did anyone watch the Obsessed with the lady who kept her MISCARRIAGE in the freezer for 7 years? I KNOW! I am still having nightmares. That is if I sleep...lately I've been staying up past midnight watching Tori and Dean on Oxygen. Someone may need to have an intervention soon.

So I tried Pilates today for the first time ever! Once I got over laughing about the girl breathing heavily besides me, it was actually interesting. I think if I stuck with it, that I could improve my posture which is delightful. And maybe, just maybe, tone up a little bit.

That is all...for now.

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Taryn said...

I took a Pilates class in college and loved it. I wish I could find a good cheaper place now.