Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gym = disaster

So in hopes of maintaining my #3 resolution I headed to the wonderful Xsport gym. I assumed that it would be crowded...but this was OUT of control. As soon as I got into the locker room, I had to pounce on a poor girl to get her locker as she was leaving. I then headed into the clusterfuck that was my gym.
Here's what annoys me more than anything. I walk down a row of treadmills and see one open, (it was a New Year miracle)! I get on, put my towel down, plug in my headphones and start switching through the TV channels. I go to start the machine only to find out that its broken. Neither person on either side of me decided to give me a heads up at any point. And you know that there were others like me trying to get that machine to work. RUDE. I finally found some weird machine, got knows what muscles it was even working (I'm sure I'll feel it tomorrow). 20 minutes on that shit, and then I fled back to the safety of my apartment. Now I am now forced to go tomorrow morning to make up for my failure today.
Now in hopes of becoming slightly more optimistic, I will say that there were some decent looking pieces at the gym. And then there's me staring at them out of the corner of my eye, while trying to look REALLY busy drinking my water bottle.
I hope tomorrow morning is better!


EMD said...

its ok....just give it time and before you know it you'll feel like a "regular". and, everyone will be looking at you!

michael said...

Um .. yeah. FAIL.

Love you!!!

Kyla Bea said...

Oh what the heck, that is terrible gym etiquette!

Classy in Philadelphia said...

Hey girl! Thanks for following my blog! Yours looks adorable and I just added it to my reader.

Ugh, I HATE the gym. More than anything. I haven't been in a week. For a few days, I blamed it on bad weather, but now I really have no excuse.

Good for you for getting out there and going though! That's totally obnoxious though that no one told you the machine was broken. I hate when people are like that!