Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm a giver...

So I read in the Red Eye that there is a shortage of blood in the Chicago Area. And they need all blood types but especially types O and A. I once gave blood in college, and I believe it was during Greek Week so that I could get our sorority points. See? Giver. Anyways, I was given a card with my blood type (O+) on it so that's the only reason that I even remember what blood type I am. What I'm getting to is that in the spirit of doing something somewhat beneficial to the community, I am going to donate blood tomorrow. I sent around an email to a few people just seeing if they would like to come with me. One response:

Tanq: "I mean cuz if I were A or O I would for sure do it. But being a vampire and all it'll be so hard to be around all that blood...but seriously I might do it so then I can get super wasted tomorrow night." If you couldn't tell, he's right in the middle of the Twilight series.

If anyone is interested in joining me, I'm going tomorrow at 12:30! You can go to to register.

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mykul said...

How many cookies did you steal away with ..?