Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I know everyone is posting about this today, so I may as well chime in.
1) Background story: I was contacted by a casting producer for this show to have me on. It went so far as us talking on the phone a couple times and I asked her all about the show etc. They don't pay you a cent, don't do hair/makeup anything, you have to be available for 6 weeks off of work, etc. I almost applied and then decided that I was too lazy to send in a video and pictures etc. I just don't care that much. I imagine that if I had have gotten on, I would have been beyond awkward. But either way, this is probably why I was so obsessed with this season. We loved Jason after the Bachelorette (who didn't) so we did stalk out his work phone number just to call it. What? Not weird at all.
2) I already knew the ending. I found out a few weeks ago who "wins" and then a couple weeks ago there were the rumors about him picking one and then changing his mind. This did not change the fact that I was DYING last night.
3) I didn't like Melissa at first- she was too bubbly, but she grew on me.
4) How WEIRD was last night?!? First of all, what a fucking loser. He cried maybe 59 times last night and I just couldn't stand it any longer. You should cry, because you're an ass.
5) There is nothing I enjoy more than checking out his Myspace and all of the crazies giving their opinions about the show. I've checked it this whole season and people are hilarious. I mean there are people supporting him fully, there are people who are pissed, some blame ABC for everything. Its hilarious! "Leave Jason alone!" and "I am sooo disappointed in you, Jason!" Meanwhile he's down about a thousand friends on Myspace- don't ask how/why I know this.
6) Now my whole night is going to be spent waiting for the After the Final Rose Part 2.
7) I am positive that ABC will approach Melissa to have her on as the next Bachelorette. But I really wonder if she would actually go through with that? I sort of feel like she would make the decision not to- but in the end I'll bet she does it with a bunch of stipulations.

Sorry about my rant, I just love what a loser he is.

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KatieSaysSo said...

I was totally thinking the same thing about Melissa being the next bachelorette...I wonder if she would do it though since what happened. She just seemed so much more emotional so it makes me wonder if she would go for it. And omg..you were contacted by a casting producer?!?! that is crazy!!!! and so cool!!! haha...you so should have done it just to find out the shit that goes on behind the scenes!!! I cant wait to watch tonights show...things couldnt possibly get any more crazy though. could they?!?! lol.