Thursday, December 4, 2008

Another Ben Phelps update

Ben sent around this email to his sister and a few buddies. He is such a sweetheart!

"So I take a girl home last night, and it wasn’t easy…I had to sneak her out of the bar and over to another bar w/o her boyfriend seeing and the girl that I was with seeing.

Anyways….about an hour after she leaves in the morning I get a text….”thanks for letting me stay the night last night” I text back “pleasure was all mine J u can come over and snuggle any time”

About 35 seconds later my phone rings, a number I don’t recognize…I answer. “Hi this is Chris….u met me last night, u remember?”

“uhhhhh, no I don’t bro”

Im Lacy’s boyfriend

“ohhhhhh, oh yeah, whats up dude? (I actually did remember him, he used to pitch for the Braves, 33 years old)

Hey do you know where Lacy is? She didn’t come home last night”

What? Really? no I don’t

if you know anything you should tell me

Bro I don’t know where she is

Well I saw your text to her this morning


Yeah, U know that text u got from her this morning, it was me! I was testing you b/c I saw you guys talking last night!

(Fill in a long uncomfortable silence here, I had just woke up and was NOT prepared for this.)

“Ok well how did you get her phone”? And are you with her now?

No I just left her…listen if you guys are just friends I will understand but if there is more going on I want to know. she is ripping my heart apart. (At this point I know he does love her b/c only love would let you rationalize your girl sleeping at another guys house bc they are just “friends” I mean come on, that’s lame!

Well anyways it turns out this guy is waiting ALL NIGHT at this chicks house for her and then stole her phone b/c she denied anything happened but he was testing me. I denied until I was blue in the face. But the story gets worse!!! He went to her office and made a scene there, 2nd time he has done it! She got fired on the spot guys!!!! Hilarious!! "


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michael said...

I LOOOOVE this man.