Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm not impressed

Ok Scarlett Johansson. I would say that no one wants your stupid snot rag...but apparently people do. This beast is auctioning off her used snot tissue on ebay, to raise $$ for a charity, USA Harvest. There are already 61 bids (as of 10am CST) and its at $2, 050.00! If I had money, I would actually just donate the money to having someone make her disappear. FINE I wouldn't do that, but I would just donate to the charity itself rather contract Avian Flu from her used, snotty kleenex.


Courtney said...

JEN - You can NOT keep stealing blog posts from D Listed. I need a little variety in my entertainment.
Love you,

Jen K said...

Cunt- You KNOW my life is not that entertaining.
Love you,