Monday, December 1, 2008

Grits? Really?

Well of course I watched Britney Spears: For the Record on MTV last night. I have been waiting for this little interview for weeks.
1) First of all...what is WITH her hair?! It almost looks as thin and limp as mine, but you know if I had millions, I'd have the best and thickest hair money could buy.
2) She bites her nails... as do I- and I HATE it. Again, if I had millions- you know I would have invested a good $10,000 into a hypnotist to make me stop.
3) She actually is manic nuts. One minute she's like crying about marrying for the wrong reasons, and the next minute she's like doing crazy impressions of gay makeup artists. ?
4) I had no idea her dad was so...classy. He has one of those delightful southern accents. I do an impression of this type of accent, but it isn't as funny via blog. So, the documentary starts with him cooking Brit breakfast. And by breakfast, I mean baby vomit. That's how I feel about grits. I tried grits for the first time at brunch a few weeks ago, and almost regurgitated them onto my bacon. They taste and look exactly like how I would imagine baby vomit tasting and looking. AND her dad ripped up American cheese to put in there. I don't get it.
5) So she bought this coat during the documentary. I paid close attention to it, because I need that coat immediately. Apparently this is the ONLY coat she brought to Europe since every shot of her is in this coat. And I'm now depressed- This fantastic Michael Kors coat was on sale at Bloomingdale's for $101.50 but the only size they have left in tan is a size 14 :( AND Overstock only has larges left. Boo.

However, I will probably throughly enjoy her new CD coming out tomorrow!

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