Monday, December 29, 2008

Belated Feliz Navidad

Well the holidays were a blast! First to Canada for a night to see one side of the family. Travelling was a giant bitch, but we did see Dan Aykroyd at the Hertz counter in Toronto. So that counts for something. And then we were off to a little tropical getaway for my Cousin's wedding. It was a great week of beach, hanging out with the family and maybe one or two cervezas!
Me and Ashley on the beach

Coconut cabs to the wedding

Little Evan

Me and Jay on Christmas Day

The bride and groom!

"Playing" volleyball...and yes I posted this picture because I look tan
Me and Dad downtown

My uncle Ray choking me in the airport

Jay and I


Maya and I in the "Discotheque"

The fam at the wedding

Cousins on the beach

Most of the family

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