Thursday, December 18, 2008

Xmas circa 2006

Two years ago I spent my Xmas in the lovely Club Med Sandpiper Village. It was the first year that I was totally away from all family for the holidays. The ONLY thing getting me through Christmas Eve was the fact that we were allowed to eat lobster tails for dinner. And I loves me some lobster. But of course, shortly after dinner I had to quickly get dressed in my "wedding dress" for the celebration! We also did a secret Santa, and I believe I got a miniature perfume set from Jack, the 94 year old yoga instructor (who only wore speedos). I somehow managed to lose this nice gift that same night, but it was much appreciated. In the picture above, Jessie is awkwardly posing with her hot chocolate gift that she got. She opened her gift, and thought it was maybe the greatest gift anyone has ever received. And God is dancing with the "Choke the chicken" (get it?) that thing was actually pretty funny. Ahh the memories... I will say that nothing beats family at Christmas! And this year I get to spend some quality time with half of the extended family which is going to be awesome!

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