Monday, December 8, 2008

Bear Grylls is a Golden God

I love him. Why? Aside from the fact that he's a hot piece, he's also a bad ass. If you don't have Bear Grylls posters covering your bedroom, I'll give you a rundown on why you should. Bear started off in the British Army's Special Forces. He was released from service when he got in a free fall parachute accident and broke his back in three places but still survived (bad ass). He then went on to become the youngest Brit (age 23) to climb Mount Everest (also bad ass). You may see him now on the Discovery Channel on "Man vs. Wild." This glorious show is basically a couple camera men following Bear to the most treacherous places on earth, and film him drinking his own pee, stripping down naked and eating animals raw. Alright, there's a little bit more to it, but that's what I focused on. He basically has to find his way back to civilization without dying. I was devastated to read on CNN yesterday that he injured his shoulder while on a charity excursion in Antarctica. He'll be alright because he's a bad ass. I included one of my favorite clips from the show! Enjoy!

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Allyn said...

we watched this show, but then the controversy started about how it wasn't real and he was really staying at hotels with the crew. I think they have made changes to become more legit, but i am torn about whether to continue the bear-worship.