Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas decorations and I do not get along

Here's the thing with Christmas decorations, or any decorations really. I enjoy them. They are nice to look at (assuming they're not hideously tacky ones). HOWEVER, I do not enjoy putting up decorations or taking them down. So much so, that I would rather just look at other peoples decorations rather than put up my own. And I realized why I hate putting them up (aside from the fact that its physical labor)- its because I suck at it. I spent a good 2 hours today putting up decorations at work. It was just me, heaving and huffing and climbing ladders in my Uggs to string up a few strands of Christmas lights. Meanwhile, everyone else is sitting at their desk criticizing my every attempt at making them look right.
Michael (In his nasally gay voice): "JKrack, whats with the garland? Its like you ran out of lights and there's an extra foot just sitting there. AND FYI- you look morbidly obese."
Bethany (In her high pitched south side accent): "Uhhhmm JKrack... that looks TERRIBLE. I'm glad I'm Jewish."
Brandon (In his astonishingly deep voice): "Uhh yeah, why are you putting tinsel on the ficus?"
Sierra: "Actually, if you fall- our disability is %100."


michael said...

Jesus! I guess we know who's morbidly obese in THESE photos!!! Ugh ...

bethany said...

Thanks a lot! I was sucking in like crazy :) South SIIIIDE!