Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Well, I'll be damned...

Who knew that Illinois politicians were corrupt? I heard about this recent scandal at the gym, early this morning (don't act surprised). The only things I knew about Blagojevich is that I liked his name, and that he has a bizarrely thick head of hair. From what I gather, Blagojevich is being accused of trying to "sell" Obama's vacant Senate seat, among other shenanigans. Now, let's be realistic- Obama's seat could go for a pretty penny. We are in a recession, people. He was just trying to skimp by with an extra few hundred thousand dollars in his pocket. He is also accused of nearly retracting $8 Million in funding for Children's Memorial Hospital, because the hospital CEO wouldn't give the governor the $50,000 kickback he demanded for his campaign. He even went so far as attempting to put his wife to work, by bribing people to hire her on. Well that's nice, put the whole fam to work- Recession! Well, I guess he's out on $4,500 bail...which doesn't seem like very much? I bet he's out eating a delightful dinner at Charlie Trotter's as we speak.

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