Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Word up to the gays!

Fight the hate with love! I think we all know by now that my life would be a lot less hilarious without the gays. I wouldn't know how to keep from falling in the shower. I wouldn't know how to dance like Sasha Fierce. I wouldn't be so BLINDSIDED when the gays come out. I'm sure Michael would have called off today, but the whole "volunteer" aspect of this day probably will force him into work. I leave you with another amazing video and probably one of my favorites. "Kiki STOP! You're YESSING TOO HARD!"

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Anonymous said...

You have a blog?

P.S. I tried to call in gay to work today but when I called and told them my name, they said I didn't work there. Then I realized I didn't have a job.

Aren't you glad I gave you that video? Endless entertainment!! Let's do the fork in the garbage disposal!!