Monday, December 15, 2008

Shenae Grimes = sewer beast

Sewer beast or cunty bitch (sorry I like that word, I will hereto for refer to them as "C.B.s" for those of you who are easily offended) might be the best way to describe her. She is awful, I even hated her on the amazing Canadian television show of Degrassi. Well if you don't know the ins and outs of Shenae Grimes, she is a 19 year old Canadian actress...and she's awful. On Degrassi she plays the religious prude/tease that goes off to Bible camp etc. That was when I first decided that she needs to no longer be. Now, she is the main character on 90210 which I forced myself to watch a few times, and decided that its boring, predictable and no one is hot enough. There have been rumors flying around that she is the new Brenda Walsh, and no one on the 90210 set likes her at all. Then there was that People cover that shows how thin she is and how she must have an eating disorder. I digress, the latest rumor about her is that she might have a little drug problem. Really? You're 19, and just became famous and are now living in Hollywood...what else is there to do? Apparently now she's showing up late for work, and forgetting lines and basically slacking off. I can't WAIT for shit to hit the fan!!

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michael said...

Okay ... and, seriously, the bitch is NOT that skinny.