Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Awkward scenario of the week

So I go down to Dunkin' Donuts to grab myself a latte and a bagel. I only bring down $5 because nothing at Dunkin' should EVER cost more than that. Well APPARENTLY a latte and a bagel with cream cheese is $5.33. So I stare at her awkwardly and say "oh...can you take off the cream cheese then...I only have $5..." She replies "Oh you want me to take the whole bagel off?" "God no, I'm hungry, just the cream that less than $5?" She fiddles around with the register and then starts speaking Spanish to the people making my bagel. Somehow I actually understand everything she's saying. Basically she was like "Alright guys, no cream cheese on that one, she doesn't have enough money...[someone replies with how much does she have?] she only has $5..." I stand there giving the side eye hoping that no one around me can understand their Spanish and see what a loser I am. The manager then comes over and basically has to give me a discount of 35 cents so that I can have cream cheese on my bagel. Which was very nice, I do enjoy charity. This is the second time this week something like this has happened to me.
Cut to Monday when I went down to the little convenience store to buy a couple packs gum and maybe a Sour Patch bag or two. The total comes to like $7 so I casually slide her my awesome debit card which I will use for any small amount...and I think its funny (I used it last week for $1.13 purchase). She awkwardly lets me know that they only take cash (who does that?) and so I have to dig through my wallet to scrape up the $6 I had in there. I had to have her take back one pack of gum so that I could afford to get out of there. Awesome.


ScrambledJill said...

I totally hope the bagel was worth it! Muy bien

Eileen McAuslan said...

That happened to me once when I went to buy lunch at this deli place and they wouldn't accept debit cards. Isn't this 2009? Why can't we all just accept cards now. Who carries cash anymore? Luckily the nice man behind me bought my whole lunch for me just to keep the line moving!
P.S. I love how one of the post tags is "awkward".

Bayjb said...

I totally hate that feeling when you have to take back something because you don't have enough money. Hate it. And what place only takes cash? What kind of city do we live in?

Classy in Philadelphia said...

Your posts always make me giggle. That sucks, it must have been so awkward, but funny at the same time. I hope that bagel was delish!