Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm still laughing

Andy Bernard: [looking in a car window] Trying to see what CD she's got. It's good to know the deets about the girl you're wooing. Ah-ha! Fiest! Yes! [hits the car setting of its alarm] Ah-hhh-hh! [nervously backs up into the car behind him, setting of that alarm too]
Andy Bernard: Brought you guys some coffees. Stanley, I know you have adult on-set diabetes so, I put Splenda in yours. Let's see, how many did I put in there [starts singing to the tune of Fiest's 1234] 1-2-3-4 Splendas in your coffee Stanley, none in yours Julia, because I don't know how you take it. But if you'd rather--
Stanley: Four Splenda? Are you crazy?
Andy Bernard: Well no I actually only put in two but, that's not how the song goes.

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