Friday, February 27, 2009

Uhmmm No.

So I finally caught up on all my shows the other night, including Top Chef. NO. I'm over this show, they are terrible. Hosea? Really? Not only did I have to shield my eyes from his snaggle teeth, but he just wasn't that great of a chef! wtf? I wanted Fabio to win, he was so cute with his little accent that he totally milked. Then today I read this:
Last week, when the Bravo reality show hit West Village hot spot Ma- dame X, contestants Leah Cohen and Hosea Rosenberg were passionately making out at the bar. "They were really going at it," a bartender told us. (NYP)
NO. Gross. I'm quitting this show.


Allyn said...

Yuck! I hated them the whole time and am totally disappointed that Hosea won. No, he wasn't much of a chef... I loved crazy Carla, who also wasn't much of a chef, and even though he was an ass, Stefan was probably the best chef there. Whatever, I'm about done with the show after this, too.

Bayjb said...

So nasty. I can't wait for the reunion this week to see if it's true. No one likes a cheater.