Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Winner Stands Alone

Well when I'm not extremely busy watching my shows and wasting away, I read. I used to read a lot more but I swear there just haven't been enough good authors out there lately. I'm weird with what I read, I don't really like "girly" books. I've read my fair share of those Jodi Picoult and Something Borrowed type books, but I usually just feel dead inside afterwards. Some of my favorite authors are Dan Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, J. Maarten Troost and of course Paulo Coelho. I will read anything that will take me somewhere far away, or someone who actually has interesting/intellectual things to say. I started off by reading The Alchemist years ago and of course loved it. Who doesn't? That's one of the only books that I have read multiple times (aside from Roald Dahl's The BFG...when I was a kid, of course...) I've gotten through most of the Coelho books, I'm currently on Veronika Decides to Die which is also really good.
What I'm getting at here is that I read Coelho's blog, and I'm getting excited for the release of his new book The Winner Stands Alone. I guess its release date is April 7th in the US, so get ready!

You can read the Third Chapter here if you're interested.

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