Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kitchen Lunch Club Discussion

We just found out that a coworker's wife is pregnant and this is the conversation that followed:

Michael: Now what position were you in when you conceived?
Jay: Uhmm
Dave: How do you feel about circumcision?
Jay: Uhmm. Yes.
Michael: But what if he wants to get into porn?!
Me: Now, was this planned? Or not planned?
Jay: It wasn't not planned...
Michael: Are you worried that she'll poop giving birth?
Jay: No, how do you think he was conceived?
Michael: Will you name him Ruttiger?
Jay: Yes...
Me: Does she want to have a natural birth?
Jay: No, but I'm saying that I do, just to fuck with her.
Michael: What if the baby is born with both gentalia?
Jay: As long as its healthy...
Brad: Jay do you want to go have that "meeting?"
Jay: No its ok, let them get it out of their systems now or they'll just do it tomorrow...but they'll be drunk and then forget that they asked all the questions.

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