Monday, February 2, 2009

Why do I love Chuck Bass?

I spend a good amount of time Monday nights watching my shows. I go from watching Jason on the Bachelor being almost too sweet for his own good. And after that I usually need a good dose of reality from Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl. I LOVE him. And why exactly do I love him? NO idea. Well I do have an idea, he's the typical bad boy- also known as every girls nightmare. If I saw Ed Westwick on the street, I would not be attracted to him at all. In fact it took me multiple episodes to get the full Chuck Bass effect, and its not his looks that got me.
But then if I think about it, I'm not really into bad boys. I've never dated a "bad boy", nor have I really wanted to. So why do I love Chuck Bass?

Perfect quote from the show:
Chuck: Heard about the field hockey throwdown. All those mouth guards and short skirts. I hope somebody filmed it.
Blair: You're heinous.
Chuck: Which is probably why you called.
Blair: You know me well.
Chuck: Women like to pretend they're complicated. I know better.


Classy in Philadelphia said...

I am absolutely IN LOVE with Chuck Bass. So sexy. I don't even care that he is a huge asshole.

Bayjb said...

I do find Chuck Bass very alluring. I think it's the bad boy charm with good looks and interesting sense of style. Beaded jacket? Who else could wear that?