Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This should explain HALF of my family quirks

(Oh look its me dressed as a "little Dutch girl" for fitting)

You Know You're Dutch When... (P.S. my mother sent me this)
-The temperature is so low in your house that 2 sweaters is a bare minimum if you want to be remotely warm. (I am permanently scarred from sitting too close to the fire at home)
-You were green before it was popular. Why recycle when you can just reuse! (And this whole time I just thought that they were cheap?)
-You have a pair a wooden shoes in your house. (I don't want to talk about it)
-You like pickled herring. (Lester does even though he's not Dutch)
-You enjoy chocolate sprinkle (hagelslag) sandwiches. (duh.)
-You have cousins who wear size 14 shoes and are over 6'4" (In Holland, the rest of us got the short genes)
-You wash and reuse plastic cups and plastic cutlery. (must I remind you)
-You have soup and open-faced sandwiches for Sunday lunch. (All I ever want is pizza or something, no more soup!)
-The most frequent phrase uttered growing up was "Turn off the lights!" (oh...only growing up? I still get it)
-You get a chocolate letter every year for Christmas. (While writing this post...I ate it)
-All the tables in your house are covered in tablecloths. (How dumb are tablecloths anyway?)
-You drink tea with breakfast, coffee at 10 am, tea at 3 pm, and coffee again at 8 pm (I do enjoy my tea!)
-You collect coupons like they're going out of style. (Uhhh only when I'm really poor)
-Your Oma had a calendar with everyone's birthdays & anniversaries spelled out in capital letters (bonus points if it hung in the bathroom!) (Its still in the bathroom.)
-You wipe the last of the butter out of the container with your bun (love butter)
-You make the bed in your hotel room. (I have accidentally done this before...multiple times)
-You have lace on your windows but not on your underwear (I don't, but the relatives sure do)
-You've put mayonnaise on your french fries. (mmm heavenly delicious dream)
-You have a spoon collection (Wendy. Oma.)
-Your fridge is always stocked with leftovers. Throw out food? Never! (To this day I hate leftovers because that's all I grew up with)
-Everything is Do-It-Yourself - it's cheaper than hiring someone. (I prefer to outsource...I'm lazy)
-You have to explain what 'om' and 'tante' means when you're discussing your relatives with non-Dutch people.
-You own tea towels and oven mitts patterned with windmills and dancing women in clogs. (The roommates really enjoy them).

(Me in wooden shoes...)

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