Monday, October 13, 2008

For once, a happy Monday!!

So I went back to suburbia this weekend which was fantastic. Wendy (My mother- who I only refer to as Wendy when speaking about her...and she hates it) and I spent Saturday spending money that I don't have at the outlets. It was great- I got some great things that were on sale because of the holiday. We found a dress for my cousin's wedding at BCBG. I got great professional clothes at Banana. Brown and black pumps that I have needed forever at Aldo. A couple sweaters/cardigans from JCrew. All necessities I might add...including this from Coach:

What?!? I needed a black purse!?!

Then, I later got this second piece for my Halloween costume at Forevs:

It is starting to come together!
Today is great because we actually got work off! I am going to do laundry, which is always exciting. And interview dog walkers...don't ask. And maybe going with Carrie to the grocery store... don't be jealous.

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Bayjb said...

Love the purse! I need to hit the Coach outlet again too.