Friday, October 31, 2008


My Halloween morning Gchat with Bridget:

Bridget: i dont have plans. dress up black out and frolic
me: what are you dressing up as?
Bridget: 3 amigos
me: hhaha stop
Bridget: yes its great
wooden toy horses
huge sombraros
me: haha
Bridget: yes it will be fun
and its totally comfy
Bridget: what s good song i shoudl listen to
me: eh i dont know
although i sort of like "if i were a boy" by beyonce
Bridget: oh me2!!!
Bridget: i put it on
i look rudolph
my nose just keeps running
and i barely ever wipe it
me: haha
Bridget: and now my nose is raw
bc when i do wipe it it is usualyl with a sleeve
me: uhmmmmm
Bridget: haha i know i cant get it together
me: my friend molly maybe can't go out tonight because she has pink eye...
i mean thats worse
Bridget: haha bizarre. i had double pink ey e in college once
and i wiped it allll over Feathers' bed bc he was pissing me off
me: omg

Bridget: sorry about that FEATHS!
me: you are the WORST!
Bridget: i actually think most of the soccer team go it
got it
and im not exaggerating
me: OMG stop it right now
Bridget: haha
ya it was terrible actually
my eyes were like fire red and i couldn't wear make up (which i secretly liked )
me: haha i can imagine your elegance
Bridget: haha!

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