Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Things I enjoy Lately

So since I have nothing better to do around 10:30 at night and TV is my favorite thing- I have started watching Chelsea Lately. I LOVE Chelsea Handler. She says everything that she wants, and has given me new names for the female no-no area like peekachoo. And of course I love the term nugget. She also has some pretty funny people on her "round table" like Brad Wollack who is also a writer for her show. That little ginger either makes hilarious jokes, or awkward ones that no one gets. I like all of it.

My top five Chelsea quotes:

5. "In her new book, Barbara Walters reveals she had an ongoing affair with Senator Edward Brooke in the '70s. Shockingly, Senator Brooke was married and black at the time. I want to know what she's saving for her juicy follow-up book. Maybe she was there when Biggie got shot."

4. "British people who do good things get made knights or lords. They should make Heather Mills a count and then just remove the O."

3."Miley Cyrus is giving her first concert in the U.K., and she's really enjoying her taste of a new culture, like how they use different words for things, like how they call elevators lifts and Clay Aiken a cigarette."

2. "There are two kinds of people I don't trust: people who don't drink and people who collect stickers."

1."The National Enquirer says Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend, 20-year-old underwear model Jason Gaston, has virtually moved in with her. I think Billy Ray needs to start worrying about Miley’s achy breaky hymen."

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ANG* said...

okay that last line is too freaking funny. have you read her books? my friends got theirs signed when she was at borders in lakeview last weekend. too bad i was outta town.

also, i wrote about her a while back. i was laughing out loud at her commentary so i had to document it.