Friday, October 17, 2008

Common Bond: Bacon

* Note: Cheetos all over Bridget's face...

As I walked past the ghetto little diner near work this morning, I smelled my favorite smell in the world: Bacon. Whenever I think of bacon, I think of my favorite person in the whole wide world.

It is time that I introduce you to Bridget.

Bridge and I met in Paris at our CEA group orientation. I sat on one end with my roomie, and she sat on the other end with her tan roomie, Kate. We sat there listening to our program leaders discuss obvious taboos and common mistakes American females make, while they handed out maps and condoms... After way too long of picturing our "slightly unattractive" program leaders while they described their intimate experiences, we glanced at each other and did the obligatory half smirk, eye roll to show our mutual disgust. It was love.

From then on it was the 4 of us (which quickly became 3) frolicking and blacking out around Europe learning the ways of the world together. Bridget, being from Connecticut taught me things like "Lilly Pulitzer" and Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld. We discovered that we both had an unnatural attraction to the delicious, and classy meat: bacon. She once casually suggested that we get bacon tattoos on our butts. We have recently discussed this again and when Bridget comes to visit Chicago in the may happen. Just a small, sizzling piece of bacon on our doesn't get much classier!

Bridget also had a bizarre attachment to her childhood blankie named Silkies. When when left Paris, she stashed a small piece of silkies in my bag which I still have to this day.

Ahhhh the memories!!!

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