Thursday, October 16, 2008

Shutting it down

"Because I have Jewish guilt...even though I'm not Jewish."

So I finally got to watch the finale of Rachel Zoe last night. I am devastated that its over :( There had BETTER be a reunion. I mean all they need to do is have Brad crying, fogging up his glasses. Meanwhile, Andy Cohen will be caressing him...and by caressing I mean undressing. (Remember the Flipping Out reunion?! Andy was TOTALLY hitting on Ryan). Tay can be glaring out of her one visible eye while bitching non stop about Brad. Rodge can make sure his hair is parted correctly on the side while justifying his terrible lonely life. And Rachel will sit there emotionless drinking her venti Starbucks tea.
This is my favorite show and I am keeping all the recorded episodes on my DVR so that I can watch them all year long.

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elle michelle said...

I watched this show once and all I could concentrate on was Rachel Zoe's leathery face. How OLD is she and how do I avoid looking like that?