Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ohhh Halloween...

Alright so its a terrible picture but this is piece #1 of my Halloween costume. It arrived today and I am very excited! Its an elegant black faux fur jacket from an equally exquisite website. I am going to keep my really creative costume a secret, but I'll let you know as I find pieces to add to it. I am going to do some major hunting this weekend.

I ONLY like Halloween when I have a costume planned. Usually what happens is that I wait until the last minute, and get totally stressed out. You can't just decide not to wear a costume, but then if you have to wear one, it needs to be somewhat cute. Its a battle every year.

I also don't enjoy when people wear masks. I'm pretty much scared of all things clownish/mascots/masks etc. so this isn't my favorite holiday of all time.

Last year I was a sailor girl...

(I'm going to go out on a limb and say this wasn't the best picture we've ever taken... Well K2 looks good but Carrie will kill me for putting this up.)

And this was my first costume of the night while at Club Med 2 Halloweens ago:

(I was some kind of 80's thing...and that's Ed-he was actually the security guard)

And...let's not talk about what I had to dress as for the end of the night:

I was SO mad. I couldn't get that shit out of my hair for days.

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