Monday, October 20, 2008


So I think that I need to invest in some kind of mace/taser apparatus. (I've actually looked into this and tasers are actually really expensive! wtf?)

So I live in a lovely little area in Lakeview with three roommates. Right near Southport corridor and the cute little boutiques. This is supposedly a very safe area relative to other areas in Chicago.

Lately, there have been a couple instances that have freaked us out.

1) A couple of months ago I was in bed sleeping when all of a sudden at 1:30am someone starts ringing our doorbell erratically. After I practically peed my bed because I was so startled, I hid there under the covers waiting for it to stop. After maybe 5 minutes of CONSTANT ding dong ding dong ding dong- I called Eileen who was the only other roommate home at the time. She hadn't heard the doorbell rings, but stayed on the phone with me as I tip toed out of my room to see who was ringing the bell. I crawled up to the window- fearing that whoever was ringing the doorbell would be looking in the window. I peeked over the window sill to see a tall black man on our front porch. Now, keep in mind that we are two little girls, home alone- its 1:30 in the morning and we do not at all recognize this person at all. Eileen came up and we saw the man walk down the front steps and walk down the street. We called 311 to report some odd behavior and they said that they would send a couple cops over to check out the scene. Meanwhile, we saw this guy wandering back in front of our place going in the other direction. The cops came and checked everything out, and didn't find him around anymore. Either way we were freaked out and barely slept that night.

2) Last week we got an email from our friend Jaime about a coworker of hers that just had his babysitter held up at gunpoint practically in our alley on Southport! The attacker wanted all of her money- she only had $6. I mean, who carries cash anymore? This happened at 11:00AM!!!! In the middle of daylight! Can you believe that?!

3) The latest news out break is a dead body found at the Restaurant Lucca's just a couple blocks south of us on Southport. It turns out that the body was one of the restaurant co-owners, Randall Hilderbrand. Apparently he was hog tied, and died of multiple injuries. They are now saying that the victim "knew" the murderer somehow. Really scary stuff.

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