Monday, October 6, 2008

Celebrity Sighting!

So I'm minding my own business pretending to put out fires on my Blackberry when who do I see crossing the street but "Kiss From a Rose" Seal! You know, that singer who is married to Heidi Klum. He crossed the street and then walked across the street right besides me! Some Greenpeace chick was harassing him about saving the planet and he just kept saying "Save yourself" "Save yourself". He did stare at me, obviously because he thought perhaps his wife had come to Chicago to surprise him...but no, it was just me, the Heidi Klum look alike. He went into the Apple store on Michigan while I continued on to the dermatologist.


michael said...

And I ran into none other than Tempest Bledsoe, TV's Vanessa from the Cosby Show!!!!

Bayjb said...

O-M-G that is awesome! I have not had a celeb sighting in Chicago yet. Sad.