Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Starbucks is never to be trusted...

Bethany just got her wallet stolen at the Starbucks across the street! This is actually the worst Starbucks ever (although I still manage to end up there a few times a week...whatevs). Bethany was headed over there for a meeting, and Michael and I decided to tag along. It actually took us almost 20 minutes to get 2 drinks... I mean really?

So, soon after we left, Bethany felt some shenanigans going on in her coat pocket. She turned around to see some giant dude bolting out the door with her wallet! The girl Bethany was with ran after the guy and Bethany grabbed the chick that was with him. The chick (who apparently had gold teeth...) elbowed Bethany and ran off. Meanwhile, the dude had gotten into a car that was waiting for him! SNEAKY BASTARDS!

I am NEVER going there again. At least not until I have a serious caffeine probably tomorrow :(

There is a silver lining to this awful Starbucks- the lady with the mustache. She is awesome and most orders with her go as follows:

"Hi, can I please get a venti coffee?"

"GIRL, whatchu wanna mocha frappuccino?!"

" just a venti coffee."

"Whats that?! A mango vivano with ice??!"

"Nope. Just a venti coffee please..."

"Oooo girl I gotcha! SHEILA! Can I get a tall carmel macchiato?!"

We LOVES her.

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