Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weekend highlights

Well I could not be more depressed that the weekend is over. I did get to spend some quality time with the infamous Ben Phelps, Carrie's brother. And since his flight is delayed, we now get to hang out with him for another night. Ben is epitome of a hot mess.
Weekend Ben quotes:

"No dude seriously this traffic is ABYSMAL"

"Carrie, seriously $240? Thats like one nights bar tab!"
To a girl on the phone: "If you don't answer your phone again...I'm going to throw you down the stairs."
"Well I didn't want to sleep on this couch, so I had to hook up with that chick. Jen- I'm sleeping in your bed tonight."

"Alright, I know I'm gay for saying this but you HAVE to hear that Sarah McLachlan and Pink song from the was fricken' beautiful."

"Well, I took X and then went home with an asian chick with fake boobs."

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