Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Real Housewives of Trash

Well it happened again. I swore up and down that I was not going to get into the Real Housewives of Atlanta...and yet here I am googling Kim and her "Big Poppa". So Real Housewives of Atlanta follows five ladies in Atlanta and their "glamorous" lifestyles. Basically, there is one NFL wife (Lisa), one NBA wife (DeShawn), one divorced tranny wannabe fashion designer (Sheree), one finger waving drama starter (Nene), and one gold digging wannabe country music star (Kim). So we have all the key elements of a fantastic show!

There is of course a lot of drama, and they are all awful. The only one that I sometimes enjoy is Kim. Kim just turned "30" although she looks and sounds like a 55 year old. Kim is an aspiring country singer... And I can't find a clip of her in the studio singing. Its priceless! She is dating a "celebrity" who wishes to remain anonymous so they call him "Big Poppa." So of course, I need to know who this lucky man is. Sources are saying that it is Quincy Jones...who I'm pretty sure is maybe 95 years old.

A vision in pink.

Overall, the show is definitely not as good as Orange County or New York. However, I will still watch it when I have nothing better to do.


Uncle Ebenezer said...

Uh, I watched this show last weekend for the first time, they had a marathon playing all day. These women are beyond ridiculous. They are so self-absorbed, materialistic, and mellowdramatic about everything (very, very much like me actually). It was like watching a damn car accident, I just couldn't stop looking.

And what's-her-face has maybe the worst voice I have ever heard. Ever.

Trash indeed. Sweet, entertaining trash.

Jen K said...

Her beautiful song has been in my head ALL day and I can't get it out!!!

Jessica said...

another candidate...


Bayjb said...

This show is bananas. Almost more than the Orange County and NY ones. Kim is ridiculous, but my favorite line is her saying, "I don't need to know the fundamentals of music, I'm a singer." That cracks me up. Nene and Jim are the worst, the others are interesting and self-sufficient. Yeah Kim is as much 30 as I am 21.