Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So this past weekend I headed back to the homeland for my cousin Yola's wedding. We flew in Friday and immediately went for dinner at Swiss Chalet. Swiss Chalet is basically a casual family dining restaurant that specializes in roasted chicken. I go for the gravy. Yes that's right- more fries and gravy.

Saturday morning my Dad and I ran a couple errands and then got food at San Franos. Now, San Franos is a little hole in the wall that my Dad loves, but his cholesterol doesn't need. I decided to go the healty route and have more poutine. Then it was off to the wedding!

The wedding took place in Hamilton at a Polish Catholic church. It was a really cute church and the ceremony wasn't too long (you know those Catholics!) Afterwards we went to a classy bar called the Honest Lawyer to kill time before the reception. The reception took place at a renovated train station and was awesome. There was another (larger) wedding going on in another room. So, in true K fashion we ended up trying to sabotage them by the end of the night. And by sabotage I mean we wrote in their guest book and drank from their open bar. What? We're rebels! The speeches were great and my cousin's band played. I colored with my little cousin Evan (he did not like my artistic talent).

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