Friday, November 21, 2008

If you're looking for real love...

Check out this little gem of an online dating site. If you haven't had luck with Match or eHarmony, this one is sure to prevail! Head on over to Meet-an-Inmate, and start searching!
I've already found a few pen pals!:

*I like Johnathan (yes, that's how he spells it) because it seems like he spent some decent time photoshopping his picture to include "clocks" aka "doin' time" into his picture.

*I like Dave because he looks like an overweight Jesus.

*Diego is wonderful because he is a "Spanish man with blue eyes".

* Ankhuser just seems so handsome and educated because "During my incarceration, I have taught myself to speak, read and write Kiswahili and also I have taught myself T'ai C'hi, Yoga and also how to read, write and play music."

*Merle is just a sweeheart because he "met 5 U.S. presidents, but it was nothing compared to the day I met Jesus Christ." Awwww..

*And last but not least, I love Robert because he looks so sexy in those shorts and he's honest and eloquent: "I'm a convicted Bank Robber seven times over. I'll probably never see the light of day again in this lifetime, for all intent and purposes. I'm what many may consider as a personified poster child for bad guys. And so it goes...I'm not everybody's cup of tea."

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